Introduction – What is Age Calculator?

Age Calculator is nothing but a very needful so many times as well as so many places. So, we have created through our website AgeCalculator.Guru as a simple tool which can calculate your age in exact years, days, hours, minutes and seconds accurately. We have explained the use of this tool as follow.

Note: If u know the exact time of your birth then you can calculate your exact age in respect to hours, minutes &  seconds from the time of the day you were born. You can use it also as a Time Calculator.

Give it a thought for a second, how wonderful it could be if you could have an app which can calculate your age even in the exact seconds which is passing. Thrilling does it sound right, So here is what you can do with our age calculator which will empower you with calculating your exact age in seconds if you are on planet earth.

Think for a second, where all do you need to know your age at the best accurate level? Think hard, It is basically at the following places where you need to know your exact age before any further process can proceed;

1. When sitting with an Astrologer;

I am sure, you must have visited an astrologer at the least once in your life, if not to check it go and visit an astrologer today itself, the first thing he will ask you is “What is your exact age?” In case you do not know it accurately the next statement will come “Giving an estimation of an age can change in results of your query if you want we can calculate it for you though it will cost you an additional amount of money”. Now to escape from calculating your age, you prefer giving him some additional money and know the exact results.

2. When filing a Competitive Exam;

Some government exams need exact age to check whether they qualify to appear in the exams or not as some exams have age limitations.

3. At Job Interviews;

Some job interviews, especially when you appear in interviews like that of IAS or State administration service a column is mentioned in the form to fill exact age as on __/__/__ wherein you need to mention years, months, days and minutes. They check your ability to calculate and if in case you have such an imaging tool this can do wonders in creating an image.

4. At the time when you are making Matrimony Match;

When you go for matrimony match, then also you need to know specific age of yours so that specific match can be made and the result of the match can be obtained for a better prospect of matrimonial purpose.

5. In Court;

Even at the court, at the time petition is heard, the exact age of the person filing the case should be known. Our Age number calculator can likewise help you to find out your correct age on a particular date.

There are some moments of life which are special, for example when I will be 55, and I want to know how old was I exactly when I got married, then I can simply use the age calculator and find the respective age in seconds, without being frustrated or via consumption of time. You can find out easily with our age calculator what age did you started your first job, basically, things which excite you after some time and thrills you to amazement that you did made an achievement at a young age wherein others of the same age group were still struggling.

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Things you will require to know your age with our age calculator?

1. Date of Birth
2. Time of Birth (Optional)

As soon as you enter this two information, you get information about your age in seconds and trust me, no other app can bring it to this accuracy, as the parameters which we have set is set to achieve the maximum level of accuracy up to seconds.

There is one more feature of this app which helps you to choose whether you need age accurate to month, months and days, or Months, Days and minutes. You can choose the required setting and the calculator will help you fetch the age accurate to the level you want.

The process it follows is you enter the date of your birth and the present date and the tool will do the rest. The Age calculator feature enables you to find exactly how old one is, on the basis of Age entered along with the date of birth mentioned in the tool.

How it is beneficial to you;

  • With the exact age in mind, you can calculate the exact age of retirement and what and which benefits will you get and how well can you plan your family’s future according to that.
  • With the exact age, you can also calculate the best time to invest in what sort of savings as some investment require your age and other parameters.
  • With the accuracy of this calculator, you can also get relaxation as the taxpayer and can make it to the best benefit which you can get at a specific age.

Other Advantage of Our Online Age Calculator

The other advantage of our age calculator is that it calculates the exact duration between two dates. Let’s just say u want to know the exact days, hours, minutes and seconds between your previous birthday and the current birthday our website helps you calculate that within seconds and through this calculator you can also keep a check on leap years. If the difference is 366 days means it was a leap year. Likewise for anniversaries and other important dates and events in your life.

  • With this, you can calculate the exact difference between two important events.
  • With this, you can calculate exact difference between the recent birthday and the next birthday which is due.
  • With this, you can calculate the exact difference between your birthday and anniversary and your birthday and your spouse’s birthday.
  • With this, you can calculate the exact time of your financial investments such as SIPs and insurance among others.

Why should you opt for our age calculator online?

You must be thinking why you should only opt for our age calculator when there are many age calculating Softwares/websites/apps available in the market. An answer to this query is as follows;

1. Less Time Consuming;

People opt for an app which consumes less time. Where other website takes the time to buffer and store your data, our website hardly takes time and calculates your accurate age in seconds.

2. Accurate to the Last Nanosecond;

Our website is designed in such a way that the calculation cannot be challenged as the logic and coding had been done with respect to that there is no scope of error left for wrong calculation.

3. User-Friendly;

This is the most preferred feature of our website is user-friendly and can be altered as per the requirement of the user. As discussed above the calculation of age can be done accurately to months, days, minutes or even seconds. It is just who needs to decide, up to which level do you want to calculate your age too.

You can also rest assured that the age calculated is accurate and cannot be challenged by anyone.


In today’s world we want everything readymade, readily available for quick access, then why wait and waste time in calculating it manually when you can get the result in seconds that too with the precision of seconds.

The age of a person is calculated differently in regard to different traditions. Generally, we never tell the exact age, we say like he is 4 years whereas the exact age maybe 4 years and 10 months. We tend to ignore months and if we ignore months then the precision of hours and minutes is almost impractical. Most of the people round of months, because they find it difficult to remember when asked their age immediately. So the solution is right here gives you the access to quickly calculate the exact age.

There are some cultures where the age is counted with or without including the current year. For example, one person is twenty-five old and is the same as one person is in the twenty-sixth year of his/her life. In some Chinese traditional the age systems are calculated altogether differently like, even the newborn is born at age of 1 years. For example, if a baby was born just one day before the New Year, 2 days later that makes after the new year, the baby will be at age 2 even though he/she is only 2 days old. can be used for calculating birthdays, marriage anniversary, Friendiversary, first date anniversary etc. Use the calculator and be always ready for the exact time with detailed precision.

In many cases, the calculation can be quite confusing, like when the starting date falls at the end of a month. we all count Feb. 28 to March 28 to be a month but this is not the accurate month, whereas date Feb. 28 and Mar. 31 makes one month, Similarly  for dates like Apr. 30 to May 31, May 30 to June 30 it generated the confusion when there are uneven number of days in different months, So our calculator will give you the exact years, days along with hours and seconds if applicable.

There are various techniques which can vary the end result. So using is the best solution which will give the accurate answer that too in no time.

Rather the exact age can be required anywhere, anytime. In fact, you need exact age from the time your kid goes to preschool. Even in preschools the slight difference in months can be the reason for rejection of the admission. It’s important to have the exact age all the times but it’s not possible to remember the month, is the solution to this problem. You might end up crossing the entrance age limit and leaving you in a fix.

This is applicable in not only in school but in college, university and in many other phases of life. Knowing the exact age is very important, but asks anyone randomly no one is able to reply their exact age.

And people like me who keep forgetting the things; it’s very difficult to remember the number that too in precision. is a very handy tool for many people like me who gets confused on replying the exact age if asked. Now just forget finger counting and use something that’s handier.

It’s also beneficial for old people who are unable to calculate their exact ages quickly at any given period of time. Almost 99% of us know our ages in years. This simple tool makes life easy as it quickly tells how old a person is at present time. Calculating the right age is vital as your for whole life as it is based on that documented/official age.

You can use it for anyone your grandparents, your house help. The exact age is very significant for all official/govt documents. One mistake and your whole life is messed. Why? Because you age was not correct in your govt documents like Aadhar card or any other legal govt. document. We need to have Aadhar card, driving license, voter card, passport and so many other important documents, but if you age is different with the difference of even few months the whole scenario changes against you. Like you can’t be eligible for the driving license if you gave incorrect (even a month matters) age in your documents. You attain national identity once you are at the age of 18 but not knowing the exact age can become the hindrance in your career, in marriage, in business and whatnot and sometimes you can be deprived of the privilege you actually deserve.

So we have this simple solution go to fill date of birth and time (if you know) and get the exact age in seconds.

What actually age of a person is?

It is a period of time that is calculated since the time the person came into this world till the current (or any other certain) moment of time. Generally, the age of a person is implicit as the number of years that she/he has lived on this earth. In a wider way, the age of any species (whether a human being, or a creature, or a plant, or a vegetable, etc.) is meant to be the period of its existence.

Now no need to panic when suddenly asked about your age, don’t get embarrassed for not knowing your exact age.

Age has very vital importance in medical as many ailments are common at a particular age like some are common in childhood and some in teenagers and so on. Many people tend to forget their exact age when they are in front of the doctor and in combustion they tell them their wrong age. But doctors are quite expert and they have pretty well idea about who is not sure about their right age. As different diseases occur at different stages of ages, which are common after 40 years old including heart conditions as heart attack which is uncommon in ages below 30 years so the calculation of exact age and telling the doctor is important when there are medical conditions. There are many medicines which are only prescribed when a certain age limit is attained in actual because of their effects and side effects, so the exact age should always be handy.

New Updates on

On showing an interest of our viewers at our website, we have updated some new things on our websites. All the new updates have been published by 22-01-2018. We had already given the age calculation in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes & seconds and now we have new updates for all the viewers. New updates list has been given below.

  • Day of Your Upcoming Birthday
  • Day of Your Last Birthday
  • Day You Born on
  • Day of Your Upcoming Half Birthday
  • Your Birthstone
  • Your Birth Flower
  • Your Horoscope Sign
  • Your Chinese Zodiac Animal
  • You have taken Breaths around
  • Your heart has Beaten around
  • You have Farted around
  • You have Slept around
  • You have Spent time for Eating & Drinking around
  • You have Eaten around
  • You have Laughed around

Use our unique online age calculator and you can get relevant information about any age you put, the only things you require to calculate is the date of birth and the accurate age on that day when you are calculating in Google finally you will find that our age calculator is the best in the world.

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