Baby Names Inspired by Mountains, Colors and Animals

Coming up with unique baby names is a real task for any parent, there are traditional names and then names that run in the family for generations. An unconventional name attracts attention and renders distinctive depth to the personality. We have come up with a few baby name suggestions based on mountains, colors, and beasts.

Baby Names Inspired by Mountains

Mountains are peaks of perfection and denoted for their strength, height, and insurmountable qualities. If you choose to keep a baby name inspired by these ageless natural wonders then here are a few suggestions.

For Boys

  1. Aaron – means the enlightened or mountain. It is however very popular biblical inspired name.
  2. Neel- means a sapphire, treasurer or a mountain indigo.
  3. Giri- Giri is another name of the mountain.
  4. Girish- means God of mountain ascribed to Lord Shiva.
  5. Iyad- means a huge mountain.
  6. Berg – means mountain in German, and when added to another name gives it specific purpose for e.g. Goldberg meaning gold mountain.
  7. Gabal – means rustic mountain. It’s a classic, biblical name.
  8. Elbio – means the one who comes from the mountains, it’s of royal Celtic origin.
  9. Montel – a beautiful name for the mountain, popularized by a TV host in the 90’s this name has nearly been extinct for a decade.
  10. Beaumont – means beautiful mountain in French. It was dominant in France during the 19th

For Girls

  1. Adrija – sounds unique and charming, it means born of the peek. The name is taken from the Sanskrit language.
  2. Girija- means daughter of Himalaya, Goddess Parvati.
  3. Sahira- means mountain Arabic language.
  4. Carmel – is a revered mountain in the northern part of Israel which is famous from the biblical point of view.
  5. Orestilla – is a gorgeous baby girl name which means mountain in the Italian language.

Baby Names Inspired by Colors

Colors are harmonious with nature and therapeutic, we have suggested a few names based on the essence of these blending elements.

For Boys

  1. Azul – means blue in Arabic, it has become the number one choice for the present generation of parents.
  2. Beryl – a very uncommon name from the late 1950’s, this British name has a unique charm like the green jewel stone it refers to.
  3. Arjun- most common name in Hindus meaning color white.
  4. Kapil- is also a common name in Hindus meaning reddish brown color.
  5. Cyan – another unique name which represents bluish-greenish color.
  6. Morado – has a very rustic appeal to it, the name is popular in the southern parts of the USA, it is another word for the color deep purple.
  7. Sohaib – a very common name in Muslims means a person with reddish color hairs in the Urdu language.

For Girls

  1. Azura – means a blue-eyed baby, also represents the oceanic blue color and the lapis lazuli a blue gemstone.
  2. Fuchsia – derived from a shrub the name also connotes the color purplish-red. It has a unique vibrance.
  3. Viridian – It is actually derived from the shades of water when it turns greenish blue. This name is very uncommon and hence one of a kind.
  4. Falguni – means color Reddish.
  5. Gauri- meaning color Yellow.

Baby Names Inspired by Animals / Beasts

Animals are believed to be spirit guides in most of the cultures, naming a child after a powerful creature is considered to be sacred for some.

For Boys

  1. Drake – most popular of the baby names in the current generation, it comes from the male ducks.
  2. Lynx – derived from the wild cat due to its strong qualities.
  3. Rosamund – actually means horse protection sort of like having a horse for spirit animal. Various notable personalities have had this name.
  4. Lionel – comes from the king of the jungle a lion, famous personality Lionel Messi carries this name and has made it popular.

For Girls

  1. Ariel – actually means lion of God is popular with the mermaid character.
  2. Poe – is very unique and means peacock.
  3. Tora – in the Japanese language actually means tiger.
  4. Yara – popular reference to the butterfly in the Hispanic community. It also famously used in Spain and South America.

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