Baby Names Inspired by Personal Qualities, Plants and Nature

Babies are precious and the names given to them should be special and have significant meanings. Parents often worry about the source of the name and feel it’s safe to give them traditional names. Giving them unconventional names has become a norm these days. We have come up with some rare names based on qualities, plants, and nature.

Baby Names Inspired by Personal Qualities

A person is the image of a person, giving the baby names based on these qualities can impress people who will come in contact with them in the future.

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For Boys

  1. Asher – means happy and is of Hebrew origin, this name is gaining popularity for being uncommon.
  2. Brio – an Italian origin name which means zesty.
  3. Manu – Hindu name meaning attractive and intelligent.
  4. Preetmohan- means happy, loveable and attractive.
  5. Dilnawaz – Muslim name meaning attractive.
  6. Ezra – a Biblical name which means cooperative, compassionate, and understanding.
  7. Maverick – means independent and successful.
  8. Zeke – name of an important see, this name imparts qualities of being nurturing and loving.

For Girls

  1. Cherish – derived from the English verb, it means to cherish, be happy, and gentle.
  2. Deepa – means Brilliant or one which blazes.
  3. Tejasvi – means one who is gifted and energetic.
  4. Zahira – means one who blossoms like flowers, helper, supporter and also brilliant.
  5. Laurela – a Latin name derived from the root Laurel.
  6. Valentine – derived from the Latin word Valen meaning healthy, strong, and romantic
  7. Zoe – means life in the Greek language.
  8. Zivanka – means being alive and vigorous in the Czech language.

Baby Names Inspired by Plants

Plants are life-givers, naming the child after the flora is a rich and rare tradition.

For Boys

  1. Amaranth – a plant that is said to never fade or die. It is derived from the Greek word Amarantos.
  2. Basil – is a Greek name which means royalty and king-manship.
  3. Shirish – meaning a flower and a rain tree.
  4. Shami – is a name of a tree in Urdu.
  5. Linden – popularly given from the Linden tree, this name was famous in the 1930s and 60s.
  6. Rowan – comes from the name of a tree. It means the little ruddy one.

For Girls

  1. Anise – a unique baby name derived from the plant Aniseed.
  2. Ruhi- means a flower, a musical tune one that touches a heart.
  3. Juhi – means flower jasmine.
  4. Meenal- means a special flower which is available only in heaven.
  5. Zaira – means a blossoming flower.
  6. Shefali – means the Jasmine tree.
  7. Yasmin- means Jasmine in Urdu.
  8. Belladonna – derived from the plant Atropa Belladonna, it is also Italian origin name meaning beautiful woman.
  9. Katniss – an aquatic edible plant, this name was made famous through Hollywood movie Hunger Games.
  10. Viscaria – a very rare and unusual name coming from Latin origin for the perennial plant of the same name.

Baby Names Inspired by Nature

Nature is the guiding force, its elements never cease to amaze us on a daily basis. Naming the baby on forces of nature gives a magical and extraordinary charm.

For Boys

  1. Brier – comes from the French word for nature, sounds attractive and uncommon.
  2. Akash- among the most common names in Hindi meaning Sky.
  3. Arush- means the first ray of the sun.
  4. Neeraj- means the one who is born in water.
  5. Sameer- means the wind.
  6. Shams – means Sun in Urdu.
  7. Orion – the rising star, the brave son of Poseidon.
  8. Pembroke – uniquely rare, it means the strip of land that protects the sea.
  9. Eco – the short form of an environment is so apt name for this age.

For Girls

  1. Aria – an Italian word for air, so meaningful for life.
  2. Shrusti – means the world, universe.
  3. Fiza – means a breeze.
  4. Ela – actually means Earth. An uncommon and beautiful name to go for.
  5. Irmak – an exotic name from the Turkish language which means river.
  6. Sequoia – inferred from the most royal and exotic tree in the world.

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