Baby Names Inspired by Rivers, Flowers and Birds

Finding the perfect baby name becomes difficult when you have too many people suggesting various names at once. Giving names inspired by the nature to babies is rare and makes a distinctive mark on their future. We have some wonderful baby names acquired by the rivers, flowers, and birds to christen your baby with.

Baby Names Inspired by the Rivers

Rivers are the source of life for us, naming after a water body embodies those qualities in a child.

For Boys

  1. Dariya – comes from the Iranian word for sea. It sounds powerful and unique.
  2. Rohan – which means a river in paradise.
  3. Tarik – means one who can cross the river.
  4. Dylan – means god of the sea or son of the sea in Welsh mythology.
  5. Fen – means land partially covered with water.
  6. Kai – This beautiful Hawaiian name means sea, and can be used for both boy and girl.

For Girls

  1. Kendall – popular in today’s context, it actually means valley of the river Kent.
  2. Kaveri – name of a river.
  3. Narmada – name based on the river Narmada.
  4. Marina – a harbour port that features boats and yachts.
  5. Nerida – charming Greek name meaning mermaid.
  6. Noelani – beautiful Hawaiian name which means mist of heaven.

Baby Names Inspired by Flowers

Flowers are noted for their beauty and fragrance. A delicate baby carries well the name derived from a flower making it distinctive in character.

For Boys

  1. Anthos – a beautiful name derived from the Greek language for rose. It is traditional and has a unique charm.
  2. Pankaj – means Lotus flower.
  3. Suman- means a flower.
  4. Akhtar – means flower in the Urdu language.
  5. Cypress – meaning the five pointed star flower that is known for its beauty.
  6. Fiorello – meaning little flower. It was extremely loved during the Second World War.
  7. Ren – the Japanese word for lotus which is the symbol of purity in Japanese culture.

For Girls

  1. Azalea – it is the favorite flower name of the century. It has been gaining popularity among the masses due to its unique connotation.
  2. Gul – it is another name of the rose.
  3. Lilly – a common name which is influenced by flower Lilly.
  4. Mariam – means a flower, a beloved person, and beautiful women.
  5. Begonia – a sweet and fragrant flower like the rose.
  6. Juniper – an evergreen name that is derived from the perennial shrub which produces blue berries.
  7. Peony – a rare name of a flower meaning riches and health.

Baby Names Inspired by Birds

Birds are beasts of flight, their quality of soaring high above the ground represents overcoming the obstacles on earth.

For Boys

  1. Efron – meaning singing bird.
  2. Vihang – is a name of a bird.
  3. Gannet – derived from the sea bird that lives on the cliffs or rocks.
  4. Tren – a name that honors a marine bird.
  5. Torio – a Japanese baby name that means bird’s tail.

For Girls

  1. Ava – meaning bird in Latin. It is a feminine and beautiful name.
  2. Parineeti – means an angel who can fly like a bird.
  3. Kanara – sounds very royal and is the Hebrew word for bird.
  4. Palila – the Hawaiin meaning for a bird. Hawaiin names mostly pay homage to nature.
  5. Tori – Japanese name for a bird. Sounds really sweet for a baby girl.
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