Food Items that Make you Age Faster

Age Calculator’s expert says that there are a number of food items out there which accelerate the aging. These are generally inorganically grown and are harmful to the body as well as the overall wellbeing. The people in the past or our elders had a long life and it was due to their healthy eating habits. They loved to eat things grown in their kitchen garden but nowadays people are just so stressed that they are prone to eat such things which accelerate aging. These food items that make you age faster must be avoided by all means.

List of Top 10 Food Items that Make You Age Faster:

  1. Processed Food: –

The food which is easily available these days is the processed food. This food is rich in empty calories which means that there are no nutrients in the food so they will make you calm down the hunger pangs but will not provide your body with essential nutrients, which is why it is better to stay away from these processed foods such as pizzas, burgers, fries etc. Also, they are the number one reason for people getting aged prematurely. It is because people eat these foods when in stress and stress and unhealthy eating can lead to aging.

  1. Alcohol: –

Occasional drinks do not really cause any harm but excessive drinking causes harm to the liver. If you want healthy skin, you need to have a healthy liver. It is the liver which helps in expelling the toxins out of the body but if these toxins start hampering the liver then there could be a lot of issues you may face such as acne, wrinkles, and dehydration. Excessive alcohol is also linked to sleep deprivation which is again bad for the overall health of a person.

  1. Sweets: –

Any form of sweets can cause the damage to the cells and can cause wrinkles. Consuming sweets speeds up Glycation process which is harmful to the body as it accelerates the age of a person. Glycation is the process where the excessive sugar combines with the proteins and it eventually leads to the damage to the skin’s elasticity and collagen. It makes the skin dry and damaged. Besides, too much of sweets could be bad for the mouth as it can lead to tooth decay and discolouration.

  1. Red Meat: –

Red meats are known to be very harmful as they are rich in saturated fats. It can raise the cholesterol level of the blood and high levels of cholesterol lead to many problems including heart diseases and cancer. You need to include leaner meats in your diet and if possible consume little or no meat if you want to stay younger for a long time.

  1. Energy Drinks: –

The drinks you grab while on the go may not be a healthy option for you. A can of Red Bull or an energy drink while working out will not help you as they contain sugars and are acidic in nature. They can bring about a damage to the enamel of your teeth making them more and more discoloured and brittle. Also, they make you more dehydrated which is another sign of aging. So it is better to ditch these energy drinks and grab some organic juice when you feel low.

  1. Anything Caffeinated: –

Coffee or tea acts like the diuretic and makes your body depleted of moisture and water. This process makes your skin dull and aged. So it is best to have green tea or green coffee as they are quite safe to consume. Also, people have noticed a spike in cholesterol levels on consuming excessive coffee and tea. Another reason why coffee and tea should be avoided is that they both disrupt the sleeping pattern of the person. Consuming coffee will make you more alert however you will find it difficult to sleep.

  1. Ready-to-cook Food: –

Shortcuts are something that the present generation is looking out for. They need shortcuts to cooking food as well due to which the market is loaded with frozen and ready to cook foods. These foods when cooked makes a person sick and also high in sodium content. Surely the nutritious value of a freshly cooked food can’t be compared with the ready to cook food but people these days are juggling with so much that there is hardly any time to chop and cook. Besides, cooking food in the microwave makes it all the more unhealthy to consume. Try to avoid cooking in the microwave.

  1. Sodium: –

The food items which are high in sodium content makes you retain water in the body and making you bloated. This water retention can lead to puffiness and swelling of the body parts such as eyes and feet etc. high salt also triggers dehydration which is again not good for the body. Therefore use bare minimum salt and ditch the salt shaker for good.

  1. Fried Food: –

Fried food such as corn dogs, onion rings, and fries are not good for health as they lead to a spike in bad cholesterol levels. These cholesterol levels lead to many health issues and also cause aging. In some restaurants, the old oil is reheated end number of times to make food items which leads to diminishing the value of the food as well as the oil. These fried food things lead to heart problems as well as increase the onset of wrinkles.

  1. Milk and Cheese: –

Many of you would be shocked to see milk and cheese on the list as they are generally considered healthy. But as a matter of fact, these food items clog up the body and cause problems such as acne, constipation, and eczema. The milk protein is not suitable for people these days and leads to inflammation which is why it should be avoided.

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Bonus Tip 

Potatoes and Grains – Both of these items are loaded with calories but do no good to our body. They are extremely unhealthy for the skin and therefore should be avoided. These grains break down into sugar and consume zinc present in our body making us fat.

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