General Health Insurance – Overview, Plans, Benefits, Need

In this article, we are discussing the Overview of General Health Insurance like plans, benefits and why one needs a General Health Insurance. General Insurance Company is providing services to three different segments of customers:

  • Retail segment (individuals and families)
  • Corporate segment ( medium and large sized companies)
  • SME segment

Reasons to Choose Health Insurance Plans:-

The health insurance plans are very important for everyone in case of any medical emergency. The cost of medical expenses can be very high in top hospitals in India. The diseases and health problems are increasing in people and health insurance is a perfect option to face such financial conditions in a medical emergency. You will be able to ensure the complete medical safety of your family and employees with a good health insurance plan. There are various trusted companies in India to find some good health insurance plans for everyone.

Various Plans Offered by Health Insurance Company:-

Everyone has the different requirements when it comes to choosing any goods health insurance plan. Every Insurance provider company focuses on every individual and business owner to provide some of the good coverage policies with their health insurance plans. They are known to provide the following features in their health insurance plans:

  • Broad coverage options from 50000 to 5 lakhs Rs.
  • No need of medical test for people having is below 45 years without medical history
  • Various family floater plans to provide benefits to everyone in family with a single insurance plan
  • Flexible policies
  • Benefits to cover pre and post hospitalization expenses for 60 and 90 days
  • Cashless facility for all plants in wide network of hospitals

With all these features, they are providing the benefits to people who live in the metro or semi-metro cities.

Critical Illness Insurance Policy:-

In case of any critical illness, the patient not only needs emotional support but also good financial support for good treatment at right time. Poor and middle-class families cannot afford such high expenses in hospitals in case of such medical emergencies. You will find the critical illness insurance plan with various insurance companies that cover around 13 critical diseases. You will find the following features in these plans.

  • Sum assured up to 5000000 Rs
  • Pre and post hospitalization costs
  • Applicable for people having age from 18 to 65 years
  • 1 critical illness is covered with 1 plan in a lifetime
  • Benefits of cashless facility in hospitals of various insurance network

(Age Calculator, Birthday Calculator, Date Calculator)

Insurance Companies Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Plan:

Hospital daily cash insurance plan is very helpful when anyone is dealing with financial issues and health issues at the same time. In this plan, you will find the fixed benefits for everyday expenses during hospitalization. These cash benefits are very helpful to cover the additional expenses of hospitalization that are not covered by other traditional health insurance plans. This insurance plan provides the following features:

  • Regular cash benefits of up to 2000 Rs every day during hospitalization
  • Cash benefits of up to 4000 Rs every day during ICU hospitalization
  • Cash benefits of up to 4000 Rs every day during accidental hospitalization

Group Health Insurance:-

By choosing group health insurance plan, you can ensure the safety of you and your family with good medical treatment services. This health plan comes with the benefits to cover various kinds of expenses during hospitalization of any member of your family. You will find following features with this insurance plan:

  • The fees of medical specialist is covered by this plan
  • The expenses for anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, surgical tools, medicines, x-ray, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, pacemaker and other additional expenses are covered.
  • The expenses of ICU, room, and nursing are covered
  • The sum assured of 750000 is allowed with this plan.

Process to Apply for Health Insurance Plans:-

When you want to choose any of these insurance plans, you will find various processes for it. You can simply contact the customer care representative to apply for any loan. They will provide the complete details of the plan and will help you to get the policy. These days, the online application process is also available where you can simply apply for any insurance plan easily. You can also visit the branch of the company to contact an agent to buy any plan according to your needs.

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