Host Birthday Parties With Limited Resources

Birthday parties have moved outdoors for a long time now and there are various versions that cut deeply into your pockets like destination parties, swimming pool parties, bowling alley parties, and beach parties. The purpose for a birthday celebration must not be ignored, it is a wonderful time when family and friends gather together for a meaningful occasion. Hosting a memorable function must be the top priority. We suggest some useful tips on how to make a birthday special.

Tips to Host a Meaningful Birthday Party

  1. Spend less

Don’t strive for over the top birthday celebration, instead make it special by organizing a small get-together at home. Create party decor and return gift packages through homemade DIY projects. Get the family involved for personalized gift items.

  1. Home cooked treats

Grannies always have wonderful recipes to share, a birthday celebration should be the time to relish these homemade traditional dishes. Let each member of a family bring in home cooked treats so that there is plenty of variety to share on the table. You can ask the birthday boy/girl to pick up the menu for the party making it super special.

  1. Donate

Make the day memorable by donating un-used items like clothes, toys, and daily utilization things to an orphanage or adult shelter. A visit to a pet shelter or donating books to underprivileged children at school will make it an unforgettable experience. It will also inculcate healthy social values among the children and allow them to grow as responsible citizens.

  1. Meaningful gifts

Make it a point to gift things that hold some value and not expensive items that will be discarded in the back of the wardrobe for the rest of the year. Go for educational books, gift cards, coupons to be spent at a museum, or dinner night coupons.

  1. Family time

Family time has become rare in this increasingly rushed lifestyle, take the time off to create family bonding and spirit of adventure. Make it a point not be engrossed in mobile phones just for the obsession of clicking photos and making viral videos. Instead, play fun games and focus on making the party lively with singing and dancing.

  1. Low-key

Make it a low-key affair by inviting only a few of your close family and friends. Extravagant parties where you don’t even know who you have invited is not necessary, birthdays are a tight-knit family celebration and the pressure to be socially accepted must be wholly averted.

  1. Make home your venue

Instead of running off to expensive venues one can hold the celebrations in the backyard, a farmhouse, or a barn. It will be less stressful and one can enjoy a healthy ambiance sans all the drama. Plus, it will be easy on the budget and you do not have to worry about pending credit card bills. And you do not have to part with exorbitant fees to the party planners and you should share your memories on social media as facebook etc.

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