How to Make our Elders Happy with Great Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthdays are milestones in one’s life and once we hit the big 50 it is even more precious reason to celebrate this big day. Getting old does not mean you can’t have fun, on special occasions like birthday one can be with family and friends or have a blast alone. We have come up with some amazing ideas on spending the milestone merrily.

Birthday ideas for age above 50+

  1. A good old ale party

Turning a silver fox is an exciting phase and what better way to celebrate the freedom of retirement from all social obligations by throwing a vintage dude party. Call all the retired colleagues from the work place and have fun with beer, barbeque, and some card games. It is exciting to celebrate the big day with friends of the same age.

  1. Spa day

Women just grow beautiful with age and to all the conscious women out there turning a year older should not scare you about wrinkles and stretch marks. A day spent with expensive mud baths, pedicure sessions, steaming hot in the Jacuzzi, and lounging by the pool are relaxing for the body and soul. You can enter into the milestone with gorgeous glowing skin, it might also be a good opportunity to bond with girl grandchildren.

  1. An exciting trip

One can book an exciting trip to Vegas with the girl gang and family or take off on an exotic Caribbean cruise with spouse to celebrate the special occasion. Life is meant to live with memorable moments and ringing in the milestone with loved ones on a luxurious destination makes it unforgettable.

  1. Try a new thrill

Why wait at home and have a simple party? Instead, head off to a thrill seeking adventure spot and try out life altering stunts like bungee jumping, sky diving, and water skiing. Spending the day like a dare devil will give a new zest to life, not to mention the feeling of being young again. An age milestone should never stop you from enjoying life. It will be an inspiration for the younger generation in the family to watch their grand parents trying out various stunts.

  1. Goodwill

Spreading cheer and goodwill on birthday could begin as a tradition. Visiting an old age home and assisting people of the same age can be inspiring and life- learning experience. Visiting an orphanage to read to children and donate gifts to them will inculcate good values even to the kids in the family. Charity begins at home, they say so ringing in the milestone with the less fortunate will bring in more blessings into the life.

  1. Old acquaintances reunion

Sometimes we miss too much in life and old friends from our childhood get lost with the passage of time, how wonderful will it be to get in touch with friends from school and college and invite them for a reunion party. Celebrating the milestone with long lost friends and reviving the childhood memories will make it even more special.

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