Old Age Homes – An Ugly Truth about India

Old Age Homes – An Ugly Truth about India:- Indians are particularly very proud of their culture. The values and the traditions are held close to our hearts. Parents and teachers have actually done a great job in fostering these values in us and we, in turn, are downloading such values in our kids as well. But along with these values, we are also deviating from our paths and not respecting those people enough who are responsible for our birth and our upbringing. Yes, the people in question are our parents.

These days most of the young people leave their parents in old age homes. Old age homes or retirement homes are such places where senior citizens live. Most of them do not live there because they wish to live there but rather they are being forced or humiliated to go and live a life alone in these old age homes. These people put up in old age homes do not have any means of income and it is not very surprising to know that at times it is their own children who come and leave them there. This is the grim reality of India.

Putting Forward 5 Major Kinds of Elderly Abuse:-

  1. Misbehavior – Abusing the parents, tying them in the house or keeping them locked for hours together is a pathetic state for them. Generally, elderly people are suffering from some ailment or the other. They are already bogged down with their ailment and if their kids misbehave with them, it could be very heart-shattering.
  2. Restricted Social Life – Not letting the elderly meet their friends, neighbours, relatives, outsiders, and grandchildren is sickening. Social life is very important as it keeps a person occupied and busy. Restricting their social life is, by all means, incarcerating them and it really cannot be tolerated by anyone.
  3. Torture – Mental or Physical – Emotional blackmail for the property. Forced to do the household chores and humiliating and beating are also very common features of elderly abuse. This kind of torture not only breaks their souls and hearts but also makes them feel depressed and sad about their lives.
  4. Denial of Basic Needs – The basic need of a human being is food and it feels bad to be denied it. Elder people are also denied food and medicines. If any kind of medical attention is required, it is avoided and denied again. Daily requirements of clean clothes, food, and hygiene are overlooked and ignored. Parents are treated like commodities.
  5. Harassment and Assault – Old age people are generally assaulted and it could be for any reason. Their legal documents, as well as their savings, are snatched. Their belongings are denied to them and are made to sleep on the floor just like maids. These harassment cases are many but no one can raise their voice.

Basic Reasons – Why Youngster Shifting Their Elders to Old Age Homes:-

  1. Lack of Knowledge – Most of the times, the older people are not aware of their rights. They are not aware who to approach and since they are old, they easily give in and resign to live in such inhumane conditions. Due to this lack of awareness, they tolerate such abuse.
  2. Little or No Income – Most of the older people are either widowed or retired so since they are not working or earning a livelihood, they become dependent on their kids for their survival. They help in the household chores or at times, take full responsibility for the chores but still, they are not respected. They have no place to go so they tolerate such behaviour of their kids. They are even made to hand over their pension to the kids.
  3. Health Issues – Older people are suffering from a lot of health issues so they feel it better to stay at their kid’s homes so that in case something happens to them, there is someone to take care of. But in some cases, medicines and medical attention are denied which can even lead to death. These elder people are scared and thus tolerate this abuse. All surveys by Age Calculator Guru experts team.
  4. Illiteracy – This is the main reason for tolerance. Most of the people are illiterate and are not aware of their rights. Their kids take advantage of such condition and use them as they like. They are made to work live a life of isolation, abuse, and humiliation.
  5. High Level of Tolerance – Our age-old culture always teaches us tolerance. Women are expected to tolerate the deeds of her husband. Parents are expected to tolerate the misbehaviour of their children. And even if they do not tolerate, they stop by just thinking what will happen if they complain. Where would they go if they complain against the son or the daughter-in-law? Who will take care of them? Due to this high level of tolerance, they give in to their children and if they are asked to leave the house and stay in an old age home, they give in.
  6. The Stigma of Society – most of the elderly people do not report thinking that it will bring a bad name to the family. The society will abandon the family and the name of the family will get spoiled. So to avoid this stigma, they tolerate whatever is happening to them and very gladly resort to the old age homes.


Most of the elderly people feel that their life is in control when they are working. Depending on the kids and the grandkids is something they don’t really want to do. Blessed are those people who respect their parents and grandparents and don’t let them live in such miserable conditions of old age homes.  We should make sure that we create and foster the ties between our family members and especially the elderly. Make sure that you are aware of their health issues. Also, sensitize your kids to be more compassionate towards the older people and interact with them as much as they can. Old age home is not a solution but rather we need to find solutions.

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